The Rose Gallery


Duchess Willow de Wisp

Crowned 6/16/1979 and

9/8/1984 by

Jonathan DeLaufyson Macebearer

First Queen of the

Kingdom of Ansteorra


Duchess Joselyn Allyne Reynard

Crowned 11/18/1979 and 1/30/1982 by Lloyd von Eaker

Countess Kemreth Danil Crowned 6/21/1980

by Jan w Orzeldom

Duchess Sieglinde Syr

Crowned 1/31/1981 and 2/12/1983 by

Sigmund the Wingfooted

Countess Elzasif Ironhand Crowned 7/18/1981 by

Finn Kelly O'Donnell

Duchess Arrowyn of Emerald Moor

Crowned 7/10/1982, 3/3/1984,

and 2/27/1985 by

Charles Inman MacMoore

Countess Tessa of the Gardens Crowned 9/4/1983 by

Simonn of Amber Isle

Duchess Karlanna of Applecross Woods

Crowned 7/27/1985 and 7/25/1987 by Seamus of the Cats

Countess Marguerite de la Croix Crowned 2/5/1986 by

Dinaris the Wanderer

Countess Drusilla of Northumbria Crowned 7/19/1986 by

Charles Inman MacMoore

Duchess Larissa Alwynn Clarewood Crowned

11/22/1986 by Avery (Caid),

3/6/1993 by Elric of Moray (Atenveldt),

7/7/2001 by Duncan Arthur Ross  the Black (Ansteorra)

4/22/2011 by Duncan Arthur Ross the

Black (Trimaris)

Duchess Rowan Beatrice von Kampfer

Crowned 1/31/1987 and 1/23/1988 by Hector Philip Martel

Crowned 1/26/1991

by Right of Arms

Duchess Rebekka die Blonde Crowned 7/23/1988 and 1/27/1990 by Mikael of Monmouthshire

Duchess Vanessa de Verona


1/28/1989 by Gerard MacEnruig and

1/12/2008 by Aaron MacGregor

Duchess Julia de Montoya

Crowned 7/1/1989, 7/21/1990, 1/25/1992, 6/17/1995, and 7/13/2002 by

Patrick Michael Gordonne

Duke Hector Philip Martel Crowned 1/31/1987 and 1/23/1988 by

Right of Arms

Crowned 1/26/1991 by

Rowan Beatrice von Kampfer

Duchess Athena Mawrcan Derwen Ddu

Crowned 7/13/1991 and 1/22/1994 by

Charles Inman MacMoore

Queen Margaret ny Connor

Crowned 4/4/1992 by

Ruslan Novgorodcev (East) and

4/13/2019 by

Vladislav Strelec (Ansteorra)

Countess Catherine Blackrose Crowned 7/18/1992 by

William Miesko

Countess Regina Gunnvor Morningstar

Crowned 1/23/1993 by

Sutan Bloodaxe

Duchess Alisha MacLeod

Crowned 7/17/1993 and 7/26/1997 by

Kein MacEwan

Countess Aria de Châtillon, Crowned 3/6/1993 by

Cuán MacDaige (Atlantia)

Countess Anora Frayne of Winward

Crowned 7/16/1994 by

Jean Richard Malcolmson

Duchess Mikaela of Monmouthshire

Crowned 1/28/1995 and 7/20/1996 by

Mikael of Monmouthshire

Countess Rebekah Kleinspielerin

Crowned 1/20/1996 by

Galen Edwin Kirchenbauer

Duchess Valeria Richila Navarro , Crowned 1/18/1997 and 1/14/2006 by

Abd al-Mahdi Jamal ibn Hakim

Countess Gladwen of Ayelsford

Crowned 1/17/1998 by

Jean Richard Malcolmson

Countess Katrionna Heather


Crowned 7/11/1998 by Barn Silveraxe

Countess Sara Penrose

Crowned 1/12/1999 by

Gunthar Jonsson

Countess Octavia de Verdon

Crowned 7/10/1999 by

Daffydd Whitacre

Countess Kay Leigh Drake

Crowned 1/15/2000 by

Alaric Drake

Countess Allyson Tymmes

Crowned 7/22/2000 by

Timotheos Kalamanos

Duchess Saereid Sigmundsdottir Crowned 1/13/2001 and 7/9/2005

by Jason MacPherson

Duchess Britta MacGregor Crowned  1/12/2002 and 7/8/2006

by  Aaron MacGregor

Duchess Conal Alexandria O'Riordain

Crowned 1/11/2003, 1/10/2004, and 10/13/2018 by

Miguel Sebastian de Oporto

Duchess Cateau d'Ardennes

Crowned 7/12/2003 and 1/15/2005 by

Ulsted the Unsteady

Duchess Chiara della Luna

Crowned 11/8/2003 and 5/14/2005 by

Kerold Hoegaarden (Outlands)

Countess Sibri de Aldebourne

Crowned 7/10/2004 by

Quintus Aurelius Dracontius

Duchess Deshive Luciana d’ Avignon

Crowned 11/21/1987 and 6/3/1989 by Dietrich von Vogelsang  (Caid)

Countess Deanna della Penna

Crowned 1/27/2007 by

Romanius Vesperanius

Duchess Ebergardis von Zell

Crowned 7/7/2007, 7/12/2008 and 11/06/2010 by

Ulstead the Unsteady

Countess Elizabeth Seale

Crowned 11/15/2008 by

Gunthar  Jonsson

Duchess Elizabeta di Valore della Rosa

Crowned 5/16/2009 and 4/21/2012 by

Hrafn Olafsson

Countess Brynhildr Kormaksdottir

Crowned  10/08/1988

by Reynard the Brown


Countess Genevria di Betto di Adriano

Crowned on 11/07/2009 by

Owen ap Aeddan

Duchess Gilyan Alienora

of Clonmacnoise

Crowned on 5/15/2010 and 9/22/2012 by

Jean Paul de Sens

Duchess Gwen verch Cynwrit de Ynys Mon

Crowned 5/14/2011, 4/27/2013 and 10/14/2017 by

Lochlan Dunn

Countess Amelot Lisette

Crowned 10/01/2011 by

Aaron MacGregor

Countess Eleanor di Michelozzo


Crowned on 6/10/2010 by

Conrad Breakring

The Rose Gallery includes every Queen who has ever ruled in Ansteorra, as well as those Roses who ruled in other Kingdoms but are currently residents of Ansteorra.  Next to each Rose’s name is that of the King(s) who crowned her and the date(s) of her Coronation(s).  If you have a picture of any of our Roses that would be appropriate to be uploaded to this page, please contact Countess Margaret ny Connor.


This site is maintained by Queen Margaret ny Connor.  Please send any comments, suggestions, or 
photographs of Ansteorra’s Roses that you may have to her.  Thank you!

A number of the photographs above were provided by Caelin on Andrede, Steve Herring,
and numerous individuals donating their personal photographs of the

Countess Nicollet Deuville

Crowned 9/28/2013 by

Aaron MacGregor

Duchess Antigone of York

Crowned 4/12/2014 and 4/11/2015 by

Sven Randullsson

Countess Michelle Chantal

de Charente

Crowned 10/11/2014 by

Lochlan Dunn

Countess Toryn Sevenstitches

Crowned 10/10/2015 by Creppin l’Ostriche

Duchess Sonja Ryzaja

Crowned 4/9/2016 and 4/8/2017 by Gabriel of Maccuswell

Duchess Margherita de Mantua

Crowned 10/15/2016 and 4/2014/18 by Jason Drysdale



Countess Miriel du Bois

Crowned 10/6/2012 by

Rey RiBeaumont

Queen Margaret ny Connor

Crowned 4/4/1992 by

Ruslan Novgorodcev (East) and

4/13/2019 by

Vladislav Strelec (Ansteorra)

Princess Cristyana Lambrecht

Made Princess 7/13/2019 by

Sven Randullsson