The Order of the Rose in Ansteorra,

with the gracious assistance of

the Barony of Loch Soilleir and Barony of the Stargate


May 6-8, 2011

Defenders of the Rose V

A weekend of tournaments will be hosted by the Order of the Rose to choose our Defenders of the Rose in


Chivalric Combat


Performance Arts

Rapier Combat

Static Arts

The winner of each list will become a

Member of the Company of Defenders of the Rose,

a title of honor only.  The title requires no formal duties except those the

Defenders choose to levy upon themselves, and each Defender will receive a

token of precious metals from the Companions of the Rose there assembled.

The Defenders of the Rose is a two day event,

and the Order gently requests

that all good folk attending please plan to sta through the Rose Court,

which will end the event on Sunday.

Event Steward:  Duchess Cateau  D’Ardennes

Defenders of the Rose

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