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Defenders of the Rose

The Order's Premier Defenders were chosen in a series of tournaments held throughout 2003 and 2004 as part of local group events.  The first Defender of the Rose Event was held on November 4-6, 2005 at the Riesel Lion's Club Campground in Riesel, Texas.  It was sponsored by the Shire of Shadowlands and the Shire of Emerald Keep.  Defenders of the Rose II was held on November 10-12, 2006, and Defenders of the Rose III was held at a beautiful new site on November 9-11, 2007, both events again sponsored by the Shire of Emerald Keep and the Shire of Shadowlands. 

At the end of Defenders III, the Order decided to make a few necessary changes to the event.  After some discussion, the Order decided thtat the event should be held every second year and that it should be moved to a date in the Spring.  The order also decided that the Equestrian tournament would not be held during the Defenders of the Rose event but that the Order would choose its Equestrian champion at an event featuring equesrtian activities.  Choosing the Equestrian Defender at such an event will spare the equestian community the difficulties involved in holding the tournament at an additional event.

Defenders of the Rose IV was held on April 10-12, 2009, sponsored by the Shire of the Shadowlands and the Shire of Tir Medoin.

Defenders of the Rose V will be held on May 6-8, 2011, sponsored by the Barony of Loch Soillier.  The Roses decided to once again sponsor their Equestrian tourney at this event since it is being held in a location convenient to many of the Equestrian community.

Please visit our Defenders Gallery to see the names of those gentles who honor the Rose by being members of the Company of Defenders of the Rose.

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